Немного не о SEO

Я работал инженером в двух ВУЗах в г. Севастополь: в Академии Труда и Социальных Отношений и в Севастопольском Национальном Техническом Университете. Хочу сказать, что в Украине уровень дохода инженера настолько мал, что не имея своей квартиры, семью содержать просто нереально.

Летом 2007-го года мне посчастливилось пообщаться с одним из гуглоидов, работающего в компании, купленной Google. Что могу сказать?! Хорошо себя чувствуют люди в Калифорнии )) и тем не менее, им все-равно что-то не нравится.

Привожу оригинальный текст чата без перевода.

[01:32] Brian: I can check later from home. I can’t access my DB tables easily from work.
[01:32] Devaka: ok
[01:32] Devaka: btw, where do you working?
[01:32] Brian: I thought I mentioned before. I am working at Google.
[01:33] Devaka: cool
[01:33] Brian: I was working at a start up company that was recently acquired by google.
[01:33] Brian: the company name was grandcentral.com and we are integrating the service into google now.
[01:34] Devaka: very cool 🙂 relly. and what is your area of expertise?
[01:35] Brian: product management and marketing. at google I am a Product Marketing Manager.
[01:36] Devaka: Are you economist?
[01:36] Brian: Sometimes things move slower at larger companies than smaller ones, so I like to have a creative outlet. That is why I like to work on my own site.
[01:37] Brian: No, more on the business side. Product management is working with engineers to build interesting services.
[01:37] Devaka: I understand you
[01:37] Brian: Marketing is doing the right communications and advertising
[01:40] Devaka: can you tell me, how much do Google worker earn per month on average? 🙂 I think peope like you have a good prestige
[01:41] Brian: it all depends. engineers usually make more and there is a wide range of salaries.
[01:41] Brian: Salary is similar to other companies in this area, but where people make more money at Google is on bonuses and stock options
[01:42] Devaka: i see, but nevertheless in arround?
[01:42] Brian: People that have been here a few years have made a lot of money on the stock going up
[01:43] Brian: I don’t know so well, but good engineers here make over $100,000 a year
[01:44] Brian: with bonus and stock option though it can be much more.
[01:44] Devaka: as for me, I’m far away from this point :))
[01:45] Devaka: Its relly very nice to meet you, Brian! Ok, I’ll finish job and let you know
[01:45] Brian: starting own company is the best way to make money though. founders of companies can make millions if they are bought, depending on type of company
[01:46] Brian: how much is average monthly salary there?
[01:46] Devaka: $1000 per month its very good for Ukraine
[01:46] Devaka: but people earn a bit less
[01:47] Brian: I see.
[01:47] Devaka: I’m freelance programmer and if I have $500 its very good for me too 🙂
[01:47] Brian: So it is a little more than places like India
[01:48] Devaka: may be
[01:48] Brian: Well hopefully i can keep you busy for a while 🙂
[01:49] Devaka: here is one big defect in Ukraine- not allowing to receive money with PayPal
[01:49] Brian: may think of some other ideas for sites. I hope to start my own company some day
[01:49] Devaka: Its very good Idea!
[01:50] Brian: salary is higher here, but it is expensive in California (My rent for a small place is $1500
[01:50] Devaka: hm.. i see
[01:50] Devaka: I pay $200 for 2room flat
[01:51] Brian: it is a good place to learn things though and interesting technology
[01:51] Devaka: 🙂
[01:53] Devaka: Brian, can I ask one more question?
[01:55] Brian: sure
[01:55] Devaka: How old are you? I’m 26 years old
[01:56] Brian: 35
[01:56] Devaka: thanks )
[01:57] Brian: np